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Do all gift boxes include a free card + name personalization?

Yes! Each + every box receives a complementary card with a hand written message, as well as name personalization on the box (9 letters maximum). If you input a name exceeding 9 letters, a shortened version will be applied. If there is no note for the card, a blank one will be sent. The name & card are optional, but completely free! (Please remember to add the name + message for card at checkout. Don't forget to add who its from!)

I accidentally input the wrong shipping address. Could you adjust it for me?

We understand things happen. If you haven’t already received tracking information, please contact us immediately to correct the address prior to shipping. We cannot make any adjustments to packages that have already shipped as it would be out of our control. 

I’ve received a gift, but I don’t know who it’s from. Could you help me?

We’d be more than happy to help you locate the buyer of your gift. Please be prepared to give detailed information such as the name and address in which the package was mailed to. Without this, we cannot disclose the buyer’s name. Please note that if a buyer checks out as a guest, the information may be limited, but we will always try our best to help you learn who to thank for your gift! 

Do you offer anything for corporate gifting needs?

Yes, indeed! We know how often colleagues can easily turn into great friends + family, so finding something just as great + special as they are for their new arrival(s) can be difficult, BUT it doesn’t have to be! We offer discounts to our corporate clients in search of practical + memorable baby gifts. Contact us today to see how we can accommodate your specific gifting needs!

I bought a gift box and purchased a few extra accessories as well. Can everything be packaged into the same box?

If the items you purchased were small accessories, we can happily add them to the gift box as long as space permits. If not, no worries! We still carefully package the other items with our quality wrapping. You can add a note at checkout if you'd like us to package everything into the box + we'll contact you if any issues arise. However, if you are looking to purchase a larger quantity of items + would like to bundle everything together, please contact us to discuss our larger gift box or tiered gift box options.

I haven’t received my package. What should I do? 

If your tracking information does not show confirmation of delivery + no movement after some time, please contact us so we may assist you in tracking it down. If the package is marked as delivered by USPS, please file a lost package claim by providing your tracking number. If we receive a returned package due to an incorrect or insufficient address, a new label will have to be purchased in order to resend. This applies to unclaimed packaged as well. We are not responsible for lost or returned mail.

I’m sending a gift directly to the recipient. How do I know my package will arrive in great condition?

We pride ourselves in the way we care about quality in every aspect. This means we quality check everything we package prior to shipping. For example, if your gift box order contains 10 items, all 10 items will be inspected. If we notice any damage or defects, those products do not leave our studio. All gift boxes are shipped within a larger box to prevent any damage during its journey. This is our way of ensuring you + the recipients receive top quality products in top condition, every single time. You can also request a picture of the gift if you'd like. Just contact us before or right after you place your order!

Do you offer wholesale or drop shipping?

Currently we do not offer wholesale or drop shipping. However, if + when this were to change, we will surely announce it and disclose the information needed to apply. All of our products + gift boxes are carefully hand packaged with the utmost care + love from Orlando, FL :)

I need my order to arrive earlier than the stated processing + delivery times. Do you offer a rush order option?

Yes, we do! The rush order option can be found in our gift box section + may only be applied to gift box purchases (please contact us prior to purchasing so we may confirm if we can accommodate your request). This fee ensures dispatch of your order within 2 business days so that it arrives much sooner. If you purchase more than one box, you do NOT need to purchase the rush option more than once :)

Do you offer custom gift box orders?

Yes, we most certainly do! Please contact us by using any of the options listed on our contact page. We would love to discuss your ideas to help you create a unique + memorable gift box, exactly the way you envision it!